Touch Flipper


Touch's core strength lies in it's World class Optical Sensing Touch Technology.
With Technology in hand we are able to provide world class Interactive products, designed by expert professionals at cost effective prices as per customer's requirement.
Robust inhouse quality inspection and testing is conducted on each and every product to ensure efficiency.
    iTouch's core ideologies:
  • Vision first
  • Product Innovation
  • Committment to Excellence
  • Dedication
  • Cost effective solution
  • Customer satisfaction
Experience of its promoter for more than 20 years in the field of computers and communications at various roles adds to the strength of the enterprise.
    iTouch Technologies presents 3 incredible interactive multimedia based solutions:-
  • The interactive whiteboard.
  • The multi touch table.
  • The interactive touch screen
Whether it be Education, Security, Entertainment, Exhibition, Retail or Medical you can find iTOUCH products everywhere.These have revolutionized the industry.
The time has come to leave the old switches at home! We are riding the wave of touchscreen technology! With every product getting more advanced and better day by day it won't be long before the humble desktops are replaced with interactive touch screens in every home... it is happening right now! Be a part of it! Try using the various interactive iTouch products. The future is full of advances and we promise to be there every step of the way! No matter what your business is, this technology will definitely and always be advantageous to you.